Aisuru Sushi
Aisuru Sushi

Aisuru Northbridge

  • Agadashi tofu

    Agadashi tofu

  • Apple of love roll

    Apple of love roll

  • Baconator roll

    Baconator roll

  • Banana split maki

    Banana split maki

  • Beef tataki

    Beef tataki

  • Beef Teriyaki

    Beef Teriyaki

  • Beets international roll

    Beets international roll

  • Black velvet roll

    Black velvet roll

  • Calamaro roll

    Calamaro roll

  • Caterpilla roll

    Caterpilla roll

  • Chicken karage

    Chicken karage

  • Chicken teriyaki entree

    Chicken teriyaki entree

  • Chicken teriyaki lunch set

    Chicken teriyaki lunch set

  • Creamy Popcorn Shrimp

    Creamy Popcorn Shrimp

  • Crunchy buddha

    Crunchy buddha

  • Dragon roll

    Dragon roll

  • Dynamite roll

    Dynamite roll

  • Foisgras nigiri

    Foisgras nigiri

  • Grilled salmon

    Grilled salmon

  • Grilled scallop

    Grilled scallop

  • Jennifer roll

    Jennifer roll

  • Kirika roll

    Kirika roll

  • Lotus chips

    Lotus chips

  • Magic mushroom

    Magic mushroom

  • Masaba roll

    Masaba roll

  • Miss Aisuru Salad

    Miss Aisuru Salad

  • Plum flower roll

    Plum flower roll

  • Prawn tempura

    Prawn tempura

  • Pyogo roll

    Pyogo roll

  • Salmon avocado

    Salmon avocado

  • Salmon nigiri

    Salmon nigiri

  • Salmon sashimi

    Salmon sashimi

  • Salmon skin

    Salmon skin

  • Samurai James

    Samurai James

  • Scallop nigiri

    Scallop nigiri

  • Scallop sashimi

    Scallop sashimi

  • Shinto God

    Shinto God

  • Spider roll

    Spider roll

  • Summer roll

    Summer roll

  • Sunburn roll

    Sunburn roll

  • Sunset roll

    Sunset roll

  • Sweet corn tempura

    Sweet corn tempura

  • Tamago nigiri

    Tamago nigiri

  • Tank roll

    Tank roll

  • Tempura string beans

    Tempura string beans

  • Tempura wagyu beef

    Tempura wagyu beef

  • Torch roll

    Torch roll

  • Tuna nigiri

    Tuna nigiri

  • Tuna sashimi

    Tuna sashimi

  • Ultimate roll

    Ultimate roll

  • Unagi nigiri

    Unagi nigiri

  • Veganpilla plum sauce

    Veganpilla plum sauce

  • Vegetable tempura

    Vegetable tempura

  • Wagyu beef nigiri

    Wagyu beef nigiri

Aisuru Sushi Northbridge is located in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre at the intersection of James Street and William Street. 

The restaurant has a seating capacity of 60 seats, and offers a mix of table, alfresco, and sushi bar seating. 

Aisuru Sushi Northbridge is a fully licensed  and open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. We are conveniently located in close proximity to parking and popular event venues, making it the perfect place to start your evening as you head to a show or event in the city.



Opening Hours

Mon - Thu
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Please note, last orders are taken 30 minutes before we close for lunch and dinner.

We are closed on public holidays.

No reservations can be accepted at Aisuru Northbridge. Please call Aisuru Subiaco for reservations. 

Contact Us

Contact Us

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